Cœur d’Orly offers many shopping options and services for day-to-day needs as well as a variety of fast-food and dining choices.

The neighborhood is infused with a sense of conviviality that serves as a backdrop to business lunches as well as for leisure time. The pedestrian Promenade is the heart of the retail activity. Amenities such as benches, fountains and retail kiosks complement the retail shops located inside the ground floor of buildings lining the Promenade. 

Along the Coulée verte, a shopping centre of 38,000 sqm sits across from the office buildings. It includes a hypermarket grocery store, well-known brand-name retailers in fashion, cosmetics, home furnishing and entertainment, plus a large food court offering a wide range of world cuisines. 

Surrounding Cœur d’Orly, a silo parking structure can accomodate up to 1000 vehicules.