Cœur d’Orly has been designed as a business district on a human scale, working and living all year round both during the day and at night.

The buildings are a maximum of five floors high and look out over a pedestrian Promenade lined with cafés, terraces and boutiques, with kiosks and open spaces. This main artery leads to a moving walkway straight to the airport terminal.

A tree-lined green corridor brings a sense of nature to the foot of Askia. A shopping centre, three hotels and 1,750 parking spaces complete an appealingly diverse urban landscape.

Cœur d’Orly is built to the rigorous security standards required of airport areas to create a pleasant urban environment that respects all its users. Responsible development is the order of the day, with a dramatic reduction in nuisance, air quality and noise levels monitored in real time, geothermal energy, environmentally friendly transport and more.