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An exemplary ecodistrict

Smart, energy-efficient management

Cœur d’Orly has been built in accordance with stringent ecodesign and ecoconstruction standards. It makes extensive use of renewable energies and features alternative sanitation, rainwater management and waste treatment systems.

High energy performance

The twin HQE® (passport level Excellent) and BREEAM® certification and BBC-effinergie® labelling processes that have accompanied the development confirm its excellent levels of energy consumption thanks to the cutting-edge glazing, insulation, lighting and heat recovery choices made.

Geothermal = less CO2 + lower costs 

Cœur d’Orly uses a geothermal heating system fed by two 1,700-metre deep bores. The hot water these capture feeds the heating system for the entire site and significantly reduces the corresponding operating costs.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Aéroports de Paris has been awarded Airport Carbon Accreditation level 3 "Optimisation” for Paris-Orly airport, making it one of the frontrunners amongst European airports for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.